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Enjoy stress-free travel, VIP treats & overnight stays in luxury hotels

Save Costs

We put together the trips you want in such a way that you save a lot of money – and that we add additional comfort. See for yourself.

Secure Lounge Access

In addition, achieve your dream status & enjoy lounge access, comfort and boarding priority in the future.

Permanent Availibility

We are permanently available and put your inquiries together within 2 working days. Guaranteed.

Your benefits at a glance

Since the beginning of our activity 15 years ago, we have helped countless customers to fulfill exactly this wish.

Due to our extensive expertise in the areas of flight optimization, rental cars, credit cards & hotels, we are able to put together unique packages for you that are not known to the public in this form.

Surely you know the following situation: One has planned a trip and is informed about the best offers. After a few hours of searching you have picked out the supposedly cheapest combination, but then had to compromise on the accommodation & travel comfort.

Our membership pakages

Whether a one-time trip or a regular frequent traveler – we have the right package for you.

For occasional travelers who want comfort

Our entry-level membership is aimed at anyone who travels several times a year for business or pleasure and who wants additional comfort.

For private travelers and business travelers who are looking for the best

The First Class membership is aimed at business travelers with regular travel volumes and demanding private travelers.

For frequent traveler with high demands

Includes advice on all miles and hotel programs, extensive travel planning support and all First and Business Class membership services.

Frequent Traveler Service – The first comprehensive and individual travel advice for private individuals

Imagine that a team of experts will put your trips together so that you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. You save costs, achieve your desired status on the way & achieve benefits such as lounge access and free overnight stays in high-quality hotels.

“Pages Like Vacation Pirates And Skyscanner everyone knows by now. In my experience, less than 1% of the German population knows that this only makes up 20% of what you can actually get out of a trip.”

-Johannes, FTCircle
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wie viel Du mit FTCircle sparen kannst

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    The savings outweigh the service fee many times

    Did you know that programs from different credit card providers, hotels & airlines can be combined in such a way that you get free upgrades and free nights? Take advantage of our practical knowledge that has been acquired over decades. Benefit from insider knowledge so that you can also save money in the future through the right strategic orientation for your personal trips.










    Read how we have enabled our customers to avoid huge costs and get room upgrades at the Hilton hotel suite with a view of the world famous Petronas Towers.

    Business Class Instead of Economy Class

    We’ll show you how to get upgrades despite savings. Say goodbye to tight, uncomfortable seats. Your own mattress to sleep comfortably on a plane? This is also part of a travel upgrade.

    Get access to lounges

    Good food in a relaxed atmosphere instead of hectic. Look forward to escaping the hectic of the airport in the future. Status with an airline gives you access to private lounges & high-class food – for free.


    Clients about us.

    As a self-employed person, I attach great importance to high-quality accommodation.

    MARK T. -Kunde

    To be honest, I had always searched for my flights online myself and found relatively good deals. The problem was mostly that these flights were never available when I wanted to travel.

    THORSTEAN W. – Kunde

    Everyone can benefit from it. The savings outweigh the service fee many times.

    GEORG K. – Kunde

    The concierge service is a great way to provide help for busy people but also for new travel enthusiasts. You will receive help within a very short time and get great tips on how to get the most out of your travels.

    TOBIAS Q. – Kunde
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