How to collect miles, points and status? - Podcast Episode 2

April 6, 2020
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What is the current episode about?

Collect miles ! How to start collecting miles, points and status? That is one of the most important is to decide in which programs you want to collect. In my experience it makes sense to concentrate maximally on 3 programs in the beginning. One Airline, one Hotel and maybe one more depending if you need a second airline or hotel chain for your travels. Next step is to decide own the right credit card. For signing up please check always if there are signup bonuses and what are the terms to get those.

When you signed up yourself do not forget to sign up your family where possible as many programs do have family accounts. This enables you to collect points in one account to get more miles, more points. Write us anytime on WhatsApp and we are happy to answer your questions. You do need a free consulting? We will help you to get More Miles | More Points | More Status. Sign up here. Join our Facebook Group Frequent Traveller Circle Lounge.

What is Frequent Traveller Circle Essential Series about?

Frequent Traveller Circle has been around for many years and that’s exactly how long we give tips and tricks. In it you will learn our best tips and tricks for your future mileage strategies as well as how to reach your status faster with our podcast series Frequent Traveler Circle – Essentials. With the new series we also want to share the knowledge with everyone else and publish a new episode every day. If you have questions, then send us these and we will prepare them for you in one of the episodes.

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