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Frankfurt Airport Lounge Test: Fraport VIP-Services tested -YouTube

What is the current episode about?

In our latest video Johannes checks out the Fraport VIP-Services. Before we get into more details: This is definitely the most luxurious way to start your journey in Frankfurt. 

What is it about?

The Fraport VIP-Services are a variety of services which are designed to make departures, arrivals or connections for passengers at Fraport as comfortable and private as you can imagine. 

This includes a lounge which is fully separated from the rest of the terminals and consists of an à la carte restaurant, a cigar bar, a gaming room and several themed suites which are all equipped differently, ranging from suites to hold meetings with up to 20 people to suites equipped with beds. 

The VIP Services also have a private security area to screen hand luggage and undertake the passport control. 

These facilities are complemented by a fleet of luxury vehicles from different brands used to shuttle passengers between the VIP-Services area and the aircrafts. 

The lounge was stunning and caters to travellers with different needs. Whether you just stop by for a quick lunch or you want to spend a few hours between two flights – the facility has what you need. 

But what really sets the VIP Service apart in our opinion is that you will not have any touchpoints with the regular terminal and airport experience. No matter which class of service you fly in, whether you depart, arrive or connect at Frankfurt, your aircraft has a gate or a remote position, the VIP-Services will always arrange a private limousine transfer. This is something even the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, which we consider to be an exceptional and one of its kind facility cannot offer consistently. 

What did we like most?

What impressed us most was the unprecedented level of personal service which was way beyond of what airlines offer in their first class lounges. Starting with the pick-up from the hotel, everything is taken exceptional care of. Once you enter the facilities, your personal assistant will check your baggage and handle the whole check-in process while you can enjoy a cigar, dine at the own à la carte restaurant or have fun in the gaming room featuring consoles and a classic pinball machine. From the moment beginning of the VIP-Services experience up until boarding your flight everything will be taken care of.

Who should use it?

While we initially assumed that apart from stars, politicians and executives mostly first class passengers on long international flights would use the service, there actually is quite an interesting variety in occasions the service is being used:

Special occasions:

Everyone wants his or her honeymoon trip to be an unforgettable experience and the VIP-Services will ensure a glamourous start. We think the VIP-Services are a luxury experience only very few people can indulge in every day. However, the experience is absolutely worth the money and accessible enough if you have a trip you want to make outstanding and memorable.

Travellers with long layovers at Frankfurt:

While Frankfurt Airport definitely is one of the nicer ones to have a layover given the many shops, restaurants and lounges, you still want to avoid being stuck there for several hours. However, sometimes an hour-long layover is simply necessary and the VIP-Services are the most luxurious way to bridge that gap. The time will fly if you have the possibility to play games, enjoy a cigar and have a three-course lunch or dinner. If you decide to opt-in for one of the suites, you will even be able to catch up on some sleep in a real bed – something tough to beat at an airport.

Business travellers wanting to save time: 

Given the lack of differentiation on board between business class and economy class within Europe, it might well make sense to save some money by going with an economy ticket and invest in the VIP-Services to save time and avoid the hassle of the commercial terminals on a Monday morning. This enables some business travellers to be able to have breakfast and bring their children to school in the morning instead of finding a parking spot and waiting at the security checkpoint. 

Travellers looking for privacy: 

The VIP-Services make it possible to depart, connect or arrive in Frankfurt without having to set foot into the public spaces of the airport. While Lufthansa uses the First Class Terminal as a separate facility for First Class passengers and HON Circle members, there is no guarantee of a private shuttle from the terminal to the aircraft and depending on whether an inbound flight gets assigned a terminal or remote position, passengers 

arriving or connecting passengers are not guaranteed a limousine transfer to the First Class terminal and might instead find themselves in the public terminal.

Travellers looking for a space to have confidential conversations: 

When spending time in lounges many of you might already have witnessed conversations that would probably better have remained private and could have far-reaching implications if they were heard by the wrong ears. The suites at the VIP-Services lounge offer a private and secure place to discuss such things.

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